Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt Lovers Are Loving Our Products!

Great eats, awesome petting zoo area for kiddos. Great way to spend an evening. Open all hours to see the animals. Great fun!

Tasha Kanigan

A delicious diversity of local foods, all established around tasty Jersey dairy. And that’s accompanied by a connection of animals that are endless fun for the kids. Goat kids or people kids. ;). A lovely place!

Roly Russell

We love coming here! We always get the fresh milk from the machine on the wall, the jalapeno cheese curds, and go in to see the animals. This time they had baby goats!!
If you get ONE thing here, get the fresh milk from the machine on the wall. Best milk in the world!!

Christopher Tindall

We love going to Jerseyland. They have soft serve ice cream in the summer with picnic tables to eat outside and a charming petting zoo. I love to visit with the pregnant goats in the spring. It’s wonderful to have organic cheese made locally as well.

Kelly Davison