Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt Lovers Are Loving Our Products!


Kevin Walker

Best cheddar I ever had. It melts in my mouth. So good

Alex Tang

Awesome yogurt! Bonus: local to BC, therefore less corbon footprint for the same goodness.

E- Muny

Adorable baby goats, nice interaction with animals and delicious dairy!

Kristine Voykin

This is a great place. Great service and a consistently wonderful product. They treat their animals great too!!

Alicia Davies

Love the petting zoo, the birds, AND the varieties of cheese is AWESOME

Eleanor Schmutz

Always fun to pet the animals at this great place.

Frank Crockett

Had a blast with the animals, feeding and petting them. Than the icecream,, so good. Pick up cheese and away we go.

James Traynor

Amazing and friendly place to stop in.. love the fresh organic food. The squeaky cord cheese.. yogurt and many different types of cheeses .. more then I can remember to write out . Also have very reasonable and fair pricing. To top it all off after you do some shopping in the little shop there is a cute little peting area for the kids with pigs, chickens, goats. Also there is a closed in are to view a couple special birds you have to check out for yourself

De’Los Allen

Beautiful farm with amazing products. Also, the petting zoo area was really cool. My wife and I happened upon the farm while going for an evening bike ride. We can back the next morning to buy cheese. Well worth the ride back

Odinn F Helgason